Celeros Releases SmartSANTM Family of Multiprotocol, Highly Available and Power-Efficient SAN Appliances

Menlo Park, California, November 22, 2010 — Celeros Corporation, a leading provider of data storage appliances, announced the release of SmartSANTM family of next generation flexible multiprotocol SAN platforms. Designed for high availability and ultra low power consumption, these platforms can scale to 100s of TBs, deliver up to 4GB/s throughput, and are ideal for small and medium enterprise data centers requiring consolidated centralized storage with high uptime, efficient power usage, and certified compatibility with leading virtualization environments.

Redundant active-active controllers, persistent cache backup, hardware-assisted RAID-6 and proactive drive health monitoring are designed to ensure the stored data is fully protected and continuously available.

“Up to now, highly available, fully redundant, and power efficient data storage products came with big price tags. Celeros SmartSAN not only delivers the high level of reliability and uptime affordably, but with its ultra low power consumption, enables our SMB customers to realize substantial savings in their operational costs,” said Hossein Alaee, CEO of Celeros Corporations.

The cornerstone of SmartSANTM platform is a redundant, modular system design with no single point of failure and ultra low power consumption. SmartSANTM XT23S family utilizes next generation 6Gb/s SAS backplane technology and the new high performance dual port SAS drives with 6Gb/s interface to deliver flexible, high performance platforms with single or dual active-active controllers. Each XT23S-FC Fibre Channel controller delivers four 8Gb/s host ports, while XT23S-iSCSI controllers are each equipped with four 1Gb/s iSCSI interfaces.

Celeros SmartSANTM XT23S-iSCSI and XT23S-FC line of products are available immediately. To obtain brochures, pricing or additional information, contact Celeros Sales at 888-306-0646, or sales@celeros.com.

About Celeros
Celeros Corp. is the leading provider of full featured, high performance, low cost iSCSI based IP storage area network (SAN), Network Attached Storage (NAS) and SANFiler (SAN & NAS combined) appliances that empower the small and medium sized enterprises with the benefits of consolidation and centralization of storage assets while leveraging their IP infrastructure and inter-networking expertise. Celeros solutions are designed for ease of management and administration and set up in minutes. The company is headquartered in Menlo Park, California.

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