Celeros Releases Full Storage Encryption Platforms

Menlo Park, California, December 20, 2011 — Responding to rapidly increasing global demand for data security, Celeros Corporation, a leading provider of data storage appliances, announced the availability of Full Storage Encryption for its entire SAN and NAS product lines.

Full Storage Encryption builds on Celeros’ award winning software and hardware platforms in cooperation with Celeros’ strategic partners, Seagate and LSI, to deliver solutions that address the security of data at rest. With Celeros’ high performance platforms, Seagate’s self-encrypting Full Disk Encryption (FDE) drives, and LSI’s standards-compliant key management systems, customers now have an end to end solution that protects their sensitive data when lost or stolen with no performance penalty.

Full Storage Encryption based solutions have already been incorporated in production networks in leading institutions of higher learning such as Virginia Institute of Technology where protecting student information is not only desirable but required by law.

“Over the years, Celeros has emerged as a vendor providing a feature rich and reliable platform acceptable for small scale implementations, yet enterprise in quality and support. Celeros, leveraging LSI and Seagate technologies, provided a solution which allowed our department to deliver a cost effective solution for reliable data storage and encryption, with options for future growth that don’t require wholesale replacement of any equipment.” said Jeremy Sippel, IT Director at Virginia Tech Graduate School.

With Celeros Full Storage Encryption, removing a drive from the storage platform renders the data on that drive useless to anyone who attempts to access without the appropriate security authorization.

Key Benefits of Celeros Data Encryption solutions:

  • Meets Regulatory compliance requirements
  • Encryption is transparent to the user
  • Hardware encryption on the fly at drive level
  • No performance impact
  • Keys remain protected in hardware
  • Erase data in microseconds for re-provisioning or disposal

“Celeros Full Storage Encryption is designed to protect data from security breaches with minimal cost and complexity. There is no reason not to have this built-in protection against embarrassing, costly and career-ending data losses.” said Abtin Assadi, CEO of Celeros Corporations.

Celeros Full Storage Encryption is available immediately across all product lines. To obtain brochures, pricing or additional information, contact Celeros Sales at 888-306-0646, or sales@celeros.com.

About Celeros
Celeros Corp. is the leading provider of full featured, high performance, low cost iSCSI based IP storage area network (SAN), Network Attached Storage (NAS) and SANFiler (SAN & NAS combined) appliances that empower the small and medium sized enterprises with the benefits of consolidation and centralization of storage assets while leveraging their IP infrastructure and inter-networking expertise. Celeros solutions are designed for ease of management and administration and set up in minutes. The company is headquartered in Menlo Park, California.

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