Information is the new business currency. Reliable storage and rapid access to information is vital to the success of our businesses. Retention, processing, and distribution of information are dependent on highly available, reliable and manageable storage systems. The reality facing businesses, large and small, is that current solutions are needlessly costly and require uncommon expertise to deploy and manage. At Celeros our mission is to make reliable, high performance storage solutions easy to operate and affordable.

While we do not have any religion with respect to the type of technology that can help our customers, we are ardent believers in choosing appropriate technologies that cost effectively solve today’s problems and scale to address tomorrow’s needs.

Our choice of iSCSI storage appliance as the platform of entry into the market is dictated by all the advantages that this technology brings to play. It allows us to take advantage of speed, reliability, simplicity, and familiarity of Ethernet and IP to make storage solutions cost effective and scalable.

Celeros founders bring decades of experience in design and development in storage and networking products to the table to help our customers with the right choice of solutions. Our commitment is to bring the best service to our customers by providing them with the best of breed solutions along with the best support.