Imagine the flexibility and scalability of Storage Area Network (SAN) added to the convenience and simplicity of the Network Attached Storage (NAS) in a single package. Celeros EzSANFiler brings the two together and offers the best of both worlds!

For a growing IT organization that needs storage for applications that require block-level services (databases, Microsoft Exchange,..) as well as applications that require network level file services (file servers, web servers, backup, archive,..) EzSANFiler offers an all in one, simple to manage and scalable appliance that serves both.

EzSANFiler product line is available in two flavors:  XD Series is based on Linux , and XF series is built on Windows Storage Server R2 and Win Target systems.

EzSANFiler XD Series:
Linux based SANFiler with Advanced features

EzSANFiler XF Series:
Windows based SANFiler with Advanced feature

Compare XD & XF Features:
Compare the XD and XF features

SAS/SATA Platforms:
See high performance SAS and high Capacity SATA Platforms

EzSANFiler Software Features

Software Series
Simple, Reliable and High Performance
Distributed File System, High performance w/ Printer Server
OS Linux Windows Storage Server 2003 R2
OS resides on Flash Module (Flash DOM) HDDs
iSCSI Software Initiator support X X
Group & User Quota X X
Tape backup X X
SAN Gateway X X
DFS support X
Print server X
Network File System Support
Microsoft Windows (CIFS), Linux or Unix (NFS) X X
Mac OS X (AppleTalk) X
Novell Netware X
SAN Client Support (iSCSI initiators)
Microsoft Windows, Linux, Novell Netware, Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, HP UX, Mac OS X X X
Web-based Management X X
Secure Admin Access X X
System Log X X
Multiple Logical Volume Groups X X
Online Volume Expansion X X
Email Notification X X
S.M.A.R.T Disk Monitoring X X
Protocols Supported
Windows Active Directory, LDAP, NIS, SMB/CIFS, NFS, FTP X X
SecureFTP, AppleTalk X
Netware protocol X
Data Protection
Multiple Snapshot Support X X
Snapshot Scheduling X
Volume Shadow Copy Services (VSS) X
Cross Data Synchronization X Option
Dynamic Drive X
Hardware RAID Controller RAID 0, 1,5,6,10,50,60 RAID 0, 1,5,6,10,50,60
Software RAID RAID 0,1,5 RAID 0,1,5
Adapter Fault Tolerance X X
Volume Replication X Option
Failover Option
Clustering Option – Enterprise version
UPS / Network UPS X X
Network Interface Support
Multiple Network Interfaces X X
Adaptive Load Balancing X X
CHAP Authentication X X
IP-Sec X X
Secure Admin Access X
Antivirus X Option
Backup X Option
Encrypted Admin Access (SSL) X