Celeros shall respond to all warranty requests in a prompt and commercially reasonable manner. Preventive maintenance services are not included within the scope of Celeros warranty contracts. Maintenance Services shall be available during the standard Services period of nine (9) hours between 8am and 5pm Pacific Time, Monday through Friday, exclusive of holidays. In the case where a service engagement cannot be completed within this time frame, customer will be advised in a timely manner that the service will promptly resume the next business day.

Unless otherwise agreed, Celeros will normally respond to telephone or email requests for Services by telephone or via email within four (4) business hours (8am to 5pm PST M-F) of the request, during the Contract Hours.

Celeros or its agents will do telephone diagnosis or bring the system back to Celeros site for diagnosis. Depending upon the nature of the problem, diagnosis may take up to 72 hours. After diagnosis replacement parts will be sent to customer location by the next business day, subject to availability of parts. To fix the system, the technician will be scheduled for arrival at customer site within 24 hours of the replacement part availability or the system will be brought back to Celeros site for depot repairs. The technician onsite will replace the hardware diagnosed to be failed only with the replacement of parts. The replacement part may be new, refurbished, or serviceable, that are functionally equivalent to new parts and may be from sources other than the original equipment vendor. The customer will pack all part(s) in boxes received from manufacturer and will be ultimately responsible for shipping the parts back to Celeros. It is not the responsibility of the technician to ship the parts back to Celeros. It will be the customer’s responsibility to provide adequate working space and reasonably acceptable working environment to the on-site engineer. The on-site engineer will not be held responsible for any damage that he may directly/indirectly cause to customer’s property during his visit. However, the engineer will make every effort to solve the hardware problem without causing any damage of any kind to existing infrastructure. Celeros may, at its sole discretion, invoice the Customer for parts, labor, and freight charges for service calls, which do not fall under the scope of the On-site warranty contract. Celeros will make reasonable efforts to provide advance notice to Customer, when possible, that work performed may fall outside the scope of their contracted Services and therefore generate an invoice for additional services. Examples include, but are not limited to:

Customer agrees to populate Celeros data storage units only with hard drives furnished or explicitly approved by Celeros. Failure to comply with this rule  will result in voiding any ongoing support contract. Celeros will not arrange to have an engineer dispatched to customer site for replacement of front-removable hard drives. Customer will be expected to have the ability to swap front-removable drives on his own.

Customer shall, at Customer’s expense, prepare and maintain the hardware installation site in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications for operating environments. Customer assumes the full responsibility to back-up and protect data against loss, damage, or destruction before services are performed. Customer also agrees to permit prompt access to hardware and/or software consistent with Customer’s standard security requirements and to provide reasonable access to the facilities so as to expedite the performance of Services. Failure of Customer to comply with the conditions of this paragraph shall allow Celeros to terminate any further Services.