The road to iSCSI deployment is getting smoother everyday with the release of iSCSI initiators from numerous leading technology developers. Microsoft released its iSCSI driver for Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000, and Windows XP. Cisco systems have developed iSCSI drivers for Linux and Solaris. HP, IBM and Novell each have release their own iSCSI drivers to help their customers with their iSCSi deployments.

To assist you with your needs on the iSCSI initiator front, we have gathered leading initiators for most operating systems available. We hope this helps you in your deployment.

Microsoft iSCSI initiators

Microsoft has helped drive iSCSI SAN adoption, so that a new generation of system administrators can capitalize on their IP and LAN expertise in delivering SAN solutions to their enterprise.

Click here to download Microsoft’s iSCSI initiator.

Linux iSCSI initiators

Cisco System have developed and made available for general use a Linux iSCSI initiator. The Cisco iSCSI Driver provides a host with the ability to access storage through an IP network. The driver uses the iSCSI protocol to transport SCSI requests and responses over an IP network.

Click here to download the Linux iSCSI initiator.

Novell iSCSI initiators

This Novell NetWare iSCSI initiator 1.1.3 download can be used with NetWare 5.1 SP7, NetWare 6 SP5, and NetWare 6.5.

Click here to download Novell’s iSCSI initiator.

HP-UX iSCSI initiators

The HP-UX iSCSI software initiator allows iSCSI connectivity from HP Integrity and HP 9000 servers to iSCSI storage devices and iSCSI routers. The HP-UX iSCSI software initiator enables block storage access via existing Ethernet networks, utilizing standard network interface cards (NICs).

Click here to download the HP-UX iSCSI initiator.

SUN Solaris iSCSI initiators

The iSCSI Driver for Solaris is the companion driver created by Cisco Systems to connect to a Cisco SN5420 Storage Router or iSCSI target storage device.

Click here to learn more about the Solaris iSCSI initiator.

IBM AIX iSCSI initiators

The IBM iSCSI software initiator allows AIX to access storage devices using TCP/IP on Ethernet network adapters. The iSCSI software initiator implements the iSCSI protocol as defined in the iSCSI IETF draft.

Click here to learn more about the IBM iSCSI initiator.