Storage Area Networks (SAN), by pooling and centralization of storage, detaching them from servers and hosts bring the following benefits:

  • Improved storage utilization
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Improved manageability of resources
  • Improved security and access to vital data
  • Improved utilization of skilled resources

iSCSI is a protocol that by encapsulating SCSI commands from servers and workstations in IP packets, allows them to be transported to storage devices using the ubiquitous Ethernet and IP infrastructure thereby creating an IP SAN.

iSCSI brings further benefits to SAN users, namely it:

  • Reduces acquisition costs by using technologies such as Ethernet that have high volume production
  • Reduces administrative costs by using familiar technologies (IP and Ethernet)
  • Reduces need for specialized skill sets
  • Has a global reach by using IP and internet
  • Reduces TCO

At Celeros we are convinced iSCSI will enable mass adoption of network-attached storage especially in small and medium enterprises. We are committed to helping that happen.

RAID is a technology that by combining hard disk drives into an array and using different writing and reading techniques achieves higher levels of fault tolerance, reliability and efficiency from each of its constituent drives.

Technology Information

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