iSCSI is a new technology that connects computers to iSCSI target devices over a TCP/IP network. iSCSI allows system administrators and integrators to develop Storage Area Networks (SANs) using cost-effective Gigabit Ethernet Networks in the data center. iSCSI’s TCP/IP underpinnings will also allow the easy extension of SANs over much greater distances than was previously possible, including extending SANs over the public internet. iSCSI includes built-in security features that make it possible to control which systems may gain access to a given device. These features taken together make iSCSI an effective new technology for data transfer.

iSCSI brings further benefits to SAN users, namely it:

  • Reduces acquisition costs by using technologies such as Ethernet that have high volume production
  • Reduces administrative costs by using familiar technologies (IP and Ethernet)
  • Reduces the need for specialized skill sets
  • Has a global reach by using IP and the Internet
  • Reduces TCO

At Celeros we are convinced iSCSI will enable mass adoption of network-attached storage especially in small and medium enterprises.

Celeros’ iSCSI whitepaper (PDF)

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